Layers Flooring of Sheffield stock a wide variety of carpets to suit all tastes, requirements and budgets and also stock the more well known ranges such as Manx carpets, Cavalier carpets, BMK Carpets, Cormar carpets, Brockway Carpets and Westex carpets. We provide knowledgeable advice, free quotations and a reliable and efficient fitting service, as well as insurance work. Carpet is still a popular choice with homeowners due to a wide range of colours, styles, textures and the fact that carpet insulates floors and therefore helps to keep the heat in your home.


Wood Flooring


Why wood? Whenever one of our customers asks about wooden flooring, we get one question out of the way; are you looking for a wood 'look' flooring product or are you specifically looking for real wood. Why? Because many people like the idea of wood, the look and the feel but perhaps don't realise the other options that are available. There are many 'wood look' products available in Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Vinyl Cushion Floor and Laminate flooring all with varying properties and options that vary from one type to the other. For example, we may spend some time discussing the various shades and lacquers available in a wood plank only to discover towards the end of our conversation that the customers wishes to have this product laid in their Shower Room. Only at this point would we realise that these products can encourage problems if fitted in this location. We ask this question as it gets us where we want to be a lot faster. That said lets talk about wood.


We assume now that our customer has their heart set on a real wood floor, and why not? Wooden floors look absolutely beautiful and can transform a space dramatically. Wooden floors are suitable for just about every area of the home with only a few exceptions to consider:



Almost all species of woods associated with flooring are available in both types. Oak is the most popular not only as it's characteristic grain is seems to meet the publics general perception of how wood should look but also as the oak tree is more populous and grown all over the globe, it generally the most competitive in price.


Plank sizes can vary from small 2in or 3in widths in parquet flooring to 9in wide and more with lengths starting (again in parquet) from around 6in to 7ft plus long in full planks. The depth (or thickness) also various but not by quite as much as the length and width. Generally speaking the thickness of a plank would vary between 10 and 20mm.


Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring gives the effect of wooden flooring, but is actually comprised of a compressed fibreboard, a photographic image and an overlay of protective covering. Laminate flooring has many advantages:



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